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KINETIC is a responsive custom trailer manufacturer providing exceptional service, flexibility and understanding to ensure that we remain aligned with your specifications from inception to delivery. 

The KINETIC team combines over 65 years of innovative design experience, excellence in manufacturing and effective communication in the mining, heavy haul, construction, infrastructure, and energy industries. This results in high-quality, custom trailers which will exceed your expectations. 

What We Do | Kinetic Custom Trailers

What We Do

KINETIC designs and manufactures class-leading custom trailers for a wide range of industries and harsh climates while satisfying the regulations required for challenging operational regions around the world. While working collaboratively with engineering teams or directly with an operator, we stay focused on developing a design to suit the application.

We develop highly efficient trailer designs, which are assembled by skilled tradespeople to achieve maximum performance and overall value to you, your team and your company. This, combined with our extensive experience and effective communication, allows you to remain focused on what you do best.

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What To Expect | Kinetic Custom Trailers

What To Expect

Expect to find an experienced, communicative team that will produce an excellent product with support continuing long after delivery. Our entire team understands the need to be flexible and responsive to ensure our success and yours. Whether it's an extensive, collaborative development or a standard trailer build, with clear and timely communication, you will always know what's being provided and when.

You can expect clarity with key milestones during the development process including detailed specification approval for operational regions and design approval, as well as a timely delivery that you can count on.

Every KINETIC trailer design is analyzed and validated utilizing FEA with real-world-derived scenarios. This ensures each and every design is efficient yet robust.

KINETIC custom trailers are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001, AWS, and CWB standards and our entire team is committed to the delivery of safe, efficient, and reliable trailers with premium components that will outperform others for years.

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